5 Tips for a Perfect Facebook Post


When it comes to Facebook posts, no two are created equal. From photos, video, headlines and timing, there are numerous variations. While there is no perfect Facebook post, there is a perfect Facebook post for your brand. According to Hootsuite, here are some top tips for creating the best post.

  1. Great Copy – Writing content that gets your point across quickly and effectively is key. It is best to keep headlines under 20 words with a maximum of 50 words in the description for optimal clicks. Using emoji if appropriate for your brand or message can also help pique interest. Also, teasing content can be another great tactic. For example if highlighting the top 10 tips for something, give away a few then ask your audience to click for the rest. This allows them to decipher whether they are interested enough or not.\
  2. Visuals – Combining great content with visuals is always the way to go. In addition, switch up your media between photos, video, blog links or any other rich assets that may be relevant. When sharing video, it is always wise to keep them shorter in length so you don’t lose your audience’s attention.
  3. Facebook uses algorithms for its reach – Specifically, it will look at each individual post and score it for a level of interest. These scores are based on things like who posted the story, how many interactions the post has and when the post was originally created.

    The best way to address this is to try different things out. What may be best for one may not be best for another. Spend time on creating your headlines so that they are compelling and inform the audience of what is behind any links you share. Also, avoid being too promotional. Nobody wants to be sold to all of the time so you may lose your audience if you come on too strong.

  4. Timing – Sometimes it is not all about the content. Timing can be just as vital. This can vary from one to another based on what you are trying to promote. Through trial and error you can measure the engagement of your audience at different times to identify the best times that work for you.
  5. Things to avoid – Some of the less than perfect posts have things in common in which you will want to avoid. These include being overly promotional, having too long of a message, not offering a call to action (CTA) or having too many and using images that are not suit to fit Facebook’s image guidelines.

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