5 Helpful Email Marketing Tips


Email marketing is a fantastic way to stay in touch with your sphere of influence on a regular basis. This tool offers you a way to share great information as you remind your audience of you and your services. Growing your list of contacts will make your efforts even more fruitful as you add more prospective business to your audience. Here are some great tips to keep in mind as you create your campaigns.

Make signing up easy – Have sign up forms on your personal website, Facebook page or anywhere else that your customers are active. Having more opportunities for sign ups will result in more people that you regularly email.

Tell them what to expect – Tell potential subscribers what they are signing up for and how often they will hear from you. It is important to tell them you won’t be cluttering their inbox with useless information every day.

Design should reflect your brand – Be sure to create your email campaign to reflect your brand’s standards, look and feel. Use the same colors and logos to reinforce branding and make it easily recognizable by the reader.

Make it scannable – Not everyone will want to get bogged down reading a lengthy wall of text. Break up your articles and sections with informative headers, titles and photos for a visual aesthetic. Allow the reader to easily go to the sections that are of most interest to them.

Share good content – Always send good and informative content that is pertinent to your business. Avoid being too salesy or going off topic. People want to hear from you as you are an expert in the real estate industry so send them helpful information surrounding the industry.

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