5 Social Media Tips for Real Estate Agents


Social media today is a very important medium for all businesses to have a presence on. Consumers expect businesses they work with to engage on social media while the Pew Research Center estimates that 72% of all online U.S. adults visit Facebook at least once a month. Millennials, who are the most active Facebook users, also happen to be the largest group of homebuyers. The good news is social media is not hard, it just requires a little time and consistency. Here are 5 tips to follow for social media.

Create a plan – There are several platforms with social media these days and just having an account on them is not enough. The reality is having an account say on Facebook but with no posts since 3 years ago can actually do more damage for your business than no page at all. It is easy to get overwhelmed so start with creating a plan and with something that is more manageable.

Pick and choose – To make the best decisions, be selective about which channels you wish to invest your efforts in. Each network reaches different people with different function. For example, what works well on Facebook won’t necessarily work on Pinterest.

Learn about each option – Each channel works differently so it is wise to figure which one works best for you. For example a Facebook business page is great to share updates and articles where Pinterest is more for visual inspiration. It can be a good rule of thumb to use the 80/20 rule. Post 80 percent of the time about topics of interest that are pertinent to the industry and 20 percent should relate to your business and listings. Followers are not on social media to be sold to so you don’t want to be overly promotional.

Management – Consistency is key. Create a game plan and schedule so that you can be sure you are posting often enough, but not spending so much time that it is consuming your day. You can get more mileage out of some posts as well from channel to channel. For example things you can post on Facebook can sometimes be also shared on Linkedin.

Measurement – As with most marketing, you want to measure your effectiveness. Social media marketing is a long term goal, so in the short term you can measure things such as engagement, number of likes, or the similar. The long term goal is to have these followers turn into leads and sales. Being active on social media is a powerful way to keep a strong online presence. It can also be fun as it is most likely your passion.

Do you have more questions about social media or how we can assist you with a regular online presence? Contact us today and learn about how we can help manage your online profiles.

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