Tips on Writing Compelling Real Estate Property Ads


There are many things that go into effectively marketing your listings these days from photos and videos to ad venue. However, don’t overlook the importance of writing a compelling description of the home whether it is for your beauty sheets or for an advertisement. Here are some great tips on how to write a great ad.

Avoid looking like other ads
It is easy to go with the norm of what most agents do for writing their descriptions. However, the truth is you don’t need to look like everyone else. Looking “average” is a great way for your ad to blend in and be overlooked. A little thinking outside of the box can go a long way.

Create a structure
Much in the way that a good paper is written, an ad can have a similar flow. Here is a good structure to follow:

Opening Statement
Special Promotion
Call to action

If you are creating an advertisement that is listed among many, it is even more important that yours stands out. Your headline is your one shot to catch everyone’s attention. Consider the things that make your property special, the positives, the differences that would make someone do a double take. These are the things that could be compelling for one to further read your ad.

Opening Statement
The first sentence of your ad should get right to the point of what the home is all about. Something like “Come view this expansive 3-bedroom home on over 2 acres located near the coveted Waterstone Park.”

Narrative Description

  • Your description should cover all of the major details of the home including:
  • Number of Beds/Baths
  • Square Footage
  • Size of the Property (typically in acres)
  • Location
  • Garage or parking
  • Extras (Pool, Patio, Yard, Deck, Fireplace, etc.)
  • Recent Updates
  • Unique Characteristics,(scenic overlook, concierge building, waterfront)

When covering all of these major details, write the text in a very compelling and descriptive way. Here is a great example of how you can creatively work in all of the major details:

You’ll love this charming, 2-story cottage with spectacular panoramic views of Otter Lake. This 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home with a 2-stall garage will give you 2,200 sq ft of generous space to move about (without losing that quaint, cozy atmosphere when it’s time to cuddle up by the fireplace with a good book). Wake up each morning to awe-inspiring sunrises in the East and drift off to sleep each night with the tranquil sounds of nature. Situated in a friendly community with an award-winning school system on the outskirts of Springfield County, just thirty minutes from the magnificent City of Grand Acres.

Special Promotion
This may not always be applicable, but if your goal is to sell a property fast then this can give your reader a little extra push towards taking action. Some examples may include seller paying a portion of buyer’s closing costs or including some items like a hot tub or select furnishings. This can be an opportunity to get creative with your sellers.

Call to Action
This is where you wrap things up and tell your audience what to do. Good ideas include call today to view, email for more details, visit the property website at….., or please come to the open house on X date.

Be sure not to over-embellish with your description or hype for a call to action. You don’t want to oversell the property in an ad and then have buyers show up and be let down. Focus on appealing to a buyer’s emotions while staying truthful in your messaging.

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