How to Select the Perfect Domain Name


Selecting the right domain name is key to your business and its identity. It is important that you select something that makes sense and works well for your business in many ways. Here are some questions to ask yourself as you consider your options.

Is it easy to pronounce and remember? Many times you will listing your web address in various advertising venues from business cards to email campaigns, but it still is important to make sure it is easy for your clients to remember. Web addresses that are easy to pronounce and don’t require one to think too hard are most often remembered. Keeping it simple will encourage more users which results in more traffic. It’s best to avoid hyphens and words and abbreviations such as RE for real estate, etc.

Is it too long? There is the right length to your URL where it gets the point across without being to convoluted. Similarly, you don’t want to shorten it with acronyms or abbreviations where it may be harder to remember. In the real estate industry, when choosing a domain name for your business it is a wise idea to use something as simple as your name as nobody will forget it. Simply your name (unless it’s particularly difficult to spell correctly) may often be the best bet.

Are you compliant? Make sure if you choose something other than your name that you are compliant. Avoid anything that is a misuse of any trademarks whether it is with your firm or for the industry. Many popular brands involved in the real estate industry prohibit use of their DBA in associate domain names. For example, The National Association of REALORS does not allow you to use the word “realtor” in your domain name. Sotheby’s International Realty, RE/MAX and Keller Williams operate in much the same way.

Avoid anything “gimmicky.” It is unlikely that any keywords or phrases will get you assistance with search engines like Google. In fact, some search engines can rank your site as spam or lower quality if you select generic words in your domain. In addition, things that are more obscure are harder for your clients to remember.

It’s probably a good idea to stick with a normal .com extension. These days there are a wealth of top level domains. A top level domain is the end of the domain, such as .com or .org. Today we have everything from .com to .realtor to .pizza (really, .pizza is a real option). While it may be tempting to secure a domain name under a .net, .realtor or another one of the hundreds of available extensions the majority of your audience will likely forget and simply plug .com in after your domain name. Most people are used to visiting .com websites. Using a newer top level domain option may lead to you either missing out on traffic or accidentally directing someone to a website with the same name, but with the .com top level domain.

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