Quick Tips on Staying Fresh on Linkedin


Nobody would apply for a new job with an outdated resume or solicit new business with old information about your services. Similarly, with Linkedin being the largest networking website, neglecting your profile would be much like the aforementioned examples. To make the most out of your Linkedin account, here are some easy ways to ensure you are staying current and fresh online.

  1. Update your head shot. Your photo makes your profile become a reality. This is one of the first things users will see so you want to be sure it is current and sends the right message. Be sure it is professional looking in both quality and composition, taken within the past 5 years and represents how you actually look in person today. As this can be a first impression for those who haven’t met you, you will want to put your best “face” forward.
  2. Update your background image. Background images give you another chance to customize your online presence. This can be a good opportunity to choose something that reflects your professional life. Perhaps something relative to your industry or something that you care deeply about.
  3. Change your headline. Along with your head shot, your headline is one of the first things people will see when reviewing your profile. This can be a good place to write something that is telling of your current role as well as being somewhat catchy and creative so that you stand out.
  4. Review your summary. This is a good place to do some storytelling. Relay some of your achievements, experiences and what makes you, “you.” Adding in some personal things like interests, activities and hobbies can be good too.
  5. Customize your URL. Did you know you can personalize your URL on Linkedin? You can do this multiple times so try adding in keywords related to your current role or industry. Personalizing your URL is a great way to promote who you are and what you d more prominently when you are searched on Google.
  6. Keep your media fresh. Adding in video and clickable content can elevate your profile and make it more interactive and interesting. Be sure to regularly add projects that are pertinent so that users can see that you are active.
  7. View activity and post content. Nearly half of all Linkedin users check the site daily. Similar to other popular social media sites, it is wise to engage by liking posts, sharing articles, commenting or posting your own.
  8. Make it complete. Just like your resume, make your work and education history complete. Be sure there are no empty gaps of time as well as add any missing awards or accolades. Speak any languages fluently or study any relevant courses? Be sure to include those as well.
  9. Recommendations. Nothing is better than a recommendation as a true testament of your value. Request a recommendation with colleagues, clients and other professional contacts to boost your credibility.

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