Facebook Advertising: Is It Right For Your Real Estate Business? The Answer is Yes.


With so many advertising outlets these days, it can be tough to know which ones are most effective or fit your business goals best. Enter the world of Facebook which is a fast growing medium for not only staying connected, but also advertising.

What is Facebook advertising?
Facebook advertising is a great option as it allows businesses to promote custom ads to a specific audience. The cost can vary based on the reach and engagement that the ad will receive. These ads can appear in the target audiences traditional news feed or in the right column. What is best about these ads is that aside from being targeted, they are also measurable. This information is proof for how effective your ad and ad messaging is. If you are promoting your own business these metrics are great for you. If you are promoting your listings, this information can be great to share with your sellers.

Best Practices

Before you embark on advertising, here are some steps to consider:

  1. Define your goal – It is important that you decide what the purpose of your ad is. Are you looking to sell something like a listing? Are you more interested in generating general awareness of your business? Different goals can mean different strategies.
  2. Define your target audience – There are an array of data points on Facebook. Take a few moments to narrow down your audience and decide who you want to see your ad.
  3. Keep it fresh – Rotate your ads regularly so that they don’t get stale. Fresh content will typically result in higher clicks.

Facebook ads can be very effective means of advertising. With options available for different goals, the ability to customize your target audience as well as create your own budget they can be the perfect supplement to the advertising efforts of your business.

Do you have more questions about Facebook advertising or how we can assist you with it? Contact us today to further discuss. We have helped our clients with successful campaigns resulting in expanded brand awareness and lead generation.

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